The goal of the Parrot Heads of Central Kansas organization is to leave our piece of Kansas a little better than when we found it. We are looking for people who want to have a lot of fun while giving back to our community and make some new friends while doing it!

We accomplish this goal by volunteering for a variety of local community events and fundraisers.. Here is a list of the few things we participated this past year:

- Arkansas River Trash Round-up

- Blankets for St. Joseph Forensic Nursing Unit

- Botanica events

- Carpenter House

- Crawl for Cancer

- Gleanings Food Pantry

- HumanKind Ministries

- Kansas Honor Flight

- Operation Holiday

- Ronald McDonald House

- Salvation Army

- Wichita's Littlest Heroes

- Zoo events 


‚ÄčThe Phock Story

Trop Rockers

We are also fans of "Jimmy Buffet" style of music, known as, Tropical Rock and support various Trop-Rock artists as they travel through the Wichita area:  Here is a list of performers we have supported that helped us find our beach:

- Don Middlebrook - 2015 Album of the Year "Songs from Talespin Bay" voted by the Trop Rock Music Association.

- Kitty Steadman and Dave McKenney

- Brittany Kingery, Rob Hill, and Melanie Howe

Brittany was the 2015 Female Vocalist of the Year, won the Horizon Award, and 2015 Song of the Year for "Tequilla Talking" voted by the Trop Rock Music Associcaton.

- Donny Brewer - Trop-rocker out of Texas who performed at a home in Mulvane and on a

MoKsAkOk Phloat Trip.

- Rick Lamb and the Phin Addicts - Trop-rock group

out of Missouri who have performed at the MoKsAkOk Phloat Trip many times.

- Breezeway - Trop-rock group out of Omaha, NE that performed at our PHOCK Pub Crawl fundraiser for the Kansas Honor Flight.

- Bryton Stoll - (The Landlock Sailor) - performed

at the home of members, Ray & Dianne Fleming.

- David Baker - performed at the home of members, Ray & Dianne Fleming.